Application Integrations

The DCI Designs development team has successfully completed more integration projects on behalf of Pageflex Storefront client’s than anyone. We have experience working with custom developed applications as well as industry standard solutions offered by companies like EFI. We have completed integrations levering existing APIs and have done direct database integrations when APIs are not available.

We have driven integration with everything from Hagen and PSI to QuickBooks and Peachtree. With DCI’s years of experience, you can rest assured that your project will be completed within your deadlines and budget.

Application Product Extension

While the Pageflex Storefront applications contain a great deal of functionality, it provides web services that allow their clients to expand upon what they have built when necessary. DCI's development staff has experience creating custom applications that work with web services. By expanding the functionality of the application you are creating a competitive edge and differentiating yourself in the marketplace.

If you run into a requirement that is not yet handled within the application, DCI Designs will analyze the requirements for you and determine how to add the functionality required to meet your client's needs.

Shipping Integration

Would you like to automatically complete orders you get on the Pageflex Storefront application? DCI Designs has developed a solution that allows users to integrate their FedEx or UPS Shipping applications.

When this integration is in place you will no longer be required to log back to the application to close out orders, as they will be closed out automatically for you.